Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Renew IP Adress

We all facing the problem which occurs when we are browsing internet. The problem is at the browsing time our browser displays a message which is "Page not found" error message. After showing this message we check our modem and other all connections with the internet but the problem is not in that devices. This type of problem occurs because to renew your IP address, which stands for Internet Protocol Address.
We can renew the IP address by doing the process given below.
1. Go to run dialog box by pressing window key and r key (window + r)
2. Type the word cmd on the run dialog box
3. Click ok button on run dialog box
4. Then comand prompt will appear
5. In command prompt type ipconfig /release and press enter key
6. You can see the IP address of your machine in command prompt
7. Type the words ipconfig /renew in the next line and press enter key
8. Ok you change your IP address and exit from command prompt

The picture demo shown below

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