Tuesday, April 5, 2016

CakePHP for newbies Part 1

Hi Guys,

I have learnt some thing today about CakePHP and I'm using it for my new web based application, I would like to share some thing with you,

I would like to give some of basic practicality issue without diving into theory because you can find the theory in the below official link.

Before installing CakePHP framework we need to install local servers if we are using our own PC in the development,
I would like to install WAMP server as my local server
Before installing WAMP server in windows machine first install the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio from the below link

After that you can download and install WAMP server from the below link.

Once the installation finishes you can run the WAMP server but in windows 10 it will conflict with the locally running windows www service therefor the icon of the WAMP server looks like the below

If the WAMP server icon looks like the above, you should stop the www service from your machine, to stop the WWW service please follow the below,

    1. Type the word "services" in the search box at task bar

   2. Click on the Services Desktop app
   3. In the services window scroll down to look the WWW services, look at the below image

   4. Right click on the World Wide Publishing service and select stop in the context menu like the              below image

After stopping the WWW service, now restart the WAMP server by right clicking the WAMP server icon in the task bar and check the color, it has to change into green.

Now you can just type localhost in the browser address bar and it will looks like the below