Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Differences between JRE and JVM

We all know that the java program is the most popular program in the world for a long period of time. If any one think java is not the most popular language you can just Google it the word “Which is the most popular programming language”. The java programmers use the word JVM and JRE most of the time but most of the programmers might not know the difference between those two terms.
I would like to give some of the basic differences of JVM and JRE. The JVM stands for ‘Java Virtual Machine’ and JRE stands for ‘Java Runtime Environment’.
The JRE includes a lot of libraries and also it includes JVM. There for JRE is the container of JVM both are not same.

The JVM understands the corresponding byte code of a java class and make it ready for run and then JRE run the JVM provided code with the help of other libraries if necessary.

We can see the differences clearly from the picture given below